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Baby, Think it Over 2
Chapter 2-Getting to Know "Samantha"
I stared, unblinking, at Serenity, for what seemed like a long time, but was probably just a few minutes.  Then, once the explanation had completely sunk in, I spoke again.  "Do you mean to tell me," I began calmly, "that for one week, we have to raise this...this...doll?!  Like it's real?!?"
Serenity shrunk back, frightened, and nodded slowly.  "It' teach to be parents."  She took a few tentative steps away from me.
"And how," I started, "is this...doll...going to teach us to be parents?"  As if answering my question, the "doll" immediately began to cry.  It was so loud, and sounded so lifelike, that it actually startled me, right up out of my seat.  "What the...!"
Serenity just giggled.  "She must need something," she explained.  "I'll do it, since you probably don't know how."  She
:iconmanganimecutie:MangAnimeCutie 3 3
Baby, Think it Over
Chapter 1-Partner Assignment
It was not my most favorite class, to say the least.
To say the most, I despised it with a passion that surpassed even my hatred for that third-rate dueling mutt, Joey Wheeler.
I would rather have taken any other class than this.
Unfortunately, it was not to be.  At the time of course registration, it was the only class with available openings.  So, I was stuck, but I figured that I may as well bear it.  (There was absolutely, positively, no way that I would ever grin.)
Needless to say, I was not in my very best mood on this particular Monday afternoon.
It had started out like any particular school day.  It was (thankfully) the last class of the day, and I arrived early, as usual.  I'd taken out my laptop and was busily typing as I waited patiently for the other students to arrive, and class to begin.  Once the tardy bell had rung, and the teacher had taken attendance, I lowered the lid, and feigned that
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Secksay Kaiba Background XD by MangAnimeCutie Secksay Kaiba Background XD :iconmanganimecutie:MangAnimeCutie 5 4 Awesome YGO Background Screen by MangAnimeCutie Awesome YGO Background Screen :iconmanganimecutie:MangAnimeCutie 2 0



Is never coming back...
United States
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I no longer use this account.  All of my watchers/friends can now find me here:

Please consider this my final</u> update for this account.



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